Cat skiing in Idaho's Selkirk Mountains.

Ski Touring the Selkirks 2015

Ski Touring the Selkirks 2015
  Up here around Sandpoint, Idaho the Spring weather tends to produce big snow dumps quickly as sporadic waves of weather fronts spill off the Pacific, converge inland and get pushed up over our north/south running Selkirk Mountain range. Alpine touring in big fat snowflakes mixed with crumbly layers of graupel pellets is an awesome ski [...]

Cat Skiing Idaho’s Selkirk Moun...

Cat Skiing Idaho’s Selkirk Mountains 2015
  Mid through late March, 2015 has seen the return of better cat skiing conditions, and well that puts in a much lighter in mood. What is it about skiing in the Spring that makes it so fun? Is it our core strength peaking? The brighter sunlight? Or is it the powder snow dropped from intense squalls in rates of inches per hour? Whatever  [...]